Polichnitos and Vatera


The Municipality of Polichnitos consists of the villages of Polichnitos, Lisvori, Vatera, Vrisa, Nyfida, Vassilika and Stavros.

This Municipality is situated to the south east part of the island (45 kilometres from the capital, the city of Mytilene) among the olive groves, the pine- trees forests and the sources with clear waters and wonderful beaches.

According to the oral tradition, the village took its name from the words "Polla ihni" (meaning many small villages). According to the legend, many small villages situated mostly on the seashore, because of the raids of the Saraken pirates had to move and to come all together to their present position that is situated away from the sea.

 This area is surrounded by mountains and it is invisible from both the Gulf of Kalloni and the Aegean Sea.

The Municipality of Polichnitos has an excellent place on the island of Lesvos as far as the agricultural economy and the tourism are concerned. The area is being developed continually into a remarkable summer resort. The most famous beaches in the Municipality of Polichnitos are the beaches Nifida and Vatera.


Passing through the forest of Pyrra with the tall pine-trees and through the area Tsingos with the sources and the clear waters, we will meet the village Vassilica. It was named like this, either because during the byzantine era it used to give hospitality to kings or because in the area there were royal estates.


At the Municipality of Polichnitos we can also visit the village Lisvori, a village full of life. The main occupation of the inhabitants is the cultivation of their fields. This area is famous for the production of anise, an aromatic herb. Its seeds are used in the preparation of ouzo. This area produces the most aromatic olive oil on the island.


It is a village with a great intellectual tradition, with houses made of stone, distinguished for their hewed stone coins and their special architecture.

In the centre of the village there is a very beautiful square with a traditional cafe and a very old plane tree. If you are lucky you might watch the celebration of a traditional marriage or a traditional dance accompanied with folk music or the horse races organized by the Equestrian Association of Vrisa. You could also enjoy a performance of the children' s orchestra, which belongs to the cultural association.


In the summer resort of Vatera the tourist has the possibility to enjoy every kind of holiday. Vatera because of its geographical position and the organisation in whatever concerns the tourism is the most appropriate place for sea sports, excursions with tourist boats, fishing during the day and the night, but also for hiking in the mountains that surround the summer resort of Vatera. As we mentioned before, Vatera is a summer resort, which is in a continuous and spectacular development. In this area we will find many hotels (specially organised for families), rooms to be let and a well organised camping so as to serve the thousands of tourists, who visit the area every year. You will also find enough taverns, restaurants, cafes, discos and bars whose owners are more than willing to serve you and to take good care of you.


The village Stavros is the smallest section of the Municipality of Polichnitos. The main occupations of the inhabitants are the agriculture and the cattle raising. The village Stavros is famous for its olives, its cheese (the fresh cheese and the cheese stored in olive oil), the paste made with coarse flour and sour milk, its vegetables without fertilizers and last but not least the mushrooms that we will find under the pine-trees, called in greek "pefkites".

Of a remarkable importance are also the Natural Hot Springs of Lisvori. These springs are sulphurous.

Of an equal importance are also the Natural Hot Springs of Polichnitos, where from the bowels of the earth bubbles up the "kakavi", a special substance.

Organic Olive Oil
In the area of Ancient Pyrra, which is called today Achladeri, there is a farm, where organic cultivations of olive-trees take place with a great success and organic olive oil is produced

Dairy products - Sardines - Olive oil - Crackers
Whoever visits the Municipality of Polichnitos should not omit to choose among its local products the hard cheese, the fresh cheese and the famous paste made with coarse flour and sour milk, the sardines conserved in salt, the olive oil of a very good quality and the crackers made with wheat, all produced in the Municipality with the special care of its inhabitants.

On the very beautiful beaches of Skala Polichnitou we can find all the time of the year restaurants and fish taverns, which prepare well-cooked meals, fresh and tasty fish caught in the Gulf of Kalloni and where everybody is more than willing to serve the visitor. If you find yourselves in the Municipality of Polichnitos, you will have the chance to go for hunting, fishing and swimming, skiing or sailing. The beaches Polichnitos and Nyphida are very clean. The last one has been even awarded the blue flag of the European Community.

The Trawl Festival

One of the festivals, which are worth watching, is the festival of the fishermen, the Trawl Festival that takes place during the month of August.

The biggest religious festival of the Municipality, is the Festival of Saint Constantine that takes place on the 21st of May.

Of an equal importance are also the Religious Festivals of the Blessed Virgin Mary "The Source of Life", the Religious Festival of Saint Georgios on the 23rd of April, the Religious Festival of Prophet Elias, which takes place on the 20th of July and the Religious Festival of The Saint Trinity.

Town Hall: 22520 41212
  Medical Centre of Polichnitos: 22520 41111
Police Centre of Policnhitos: 22520 41222
  Folklore Museum of Polichnitos: 22520 42992
Collection of Natural History of Vrisa: 22520 61711   Natural Hot Springs of Polichnitos: 22520 41229
Natural Hot Springs of Lisvori: 22520 71159
  Agricultural Association of the Women of Polichnitos: 22520 42260
Peripheral Medical C. Vasilikon: 22520 71095   Peripheral Medical C Vrisas: 22520 61207

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